3 Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

Mold FAQ’s

“I found some mold in my bathroom, what should I do?”

“I smell something moldy but I can’t see where it’s coming from! Should I be worried?”

“Is it safe for me to remove the mold myself?”

What is Mold? What Does it Do?

These are just a few frequently asked questions about yucky gross mold folks get in their home and businesses. First, what is mold? Mold is a tiny organism that is found naturally in the environment. Mold is everywhere; it can be found growing on organic materials such as soil, foods, plant matter, ceiling tile, drywall, paper, or natural fiber carpet padding. Mold produces spores, which are spread through air, water, or by insects. These spores act like seeds that can form new mold growth if the conditions have sufficient moisture, or even just high humidity and condensation. Mold can be very harmful! In the beginning stages of mold growth in your home, it can cause itchy eyes, cough, headaches and asthma like symptoms. Over long exposure it can cause pneumonia, skin rashes, joint pain, and more.

Dealing with the Mold Issue

Now, you smell the mold but can’t find it? You are inhaling mold spores and mycotoxins, both of which are dangerous and can cause a wide range of medical issues. There are companies that can send someone out to test for mold. They will take a control sample from outside where mold is naturally and inside the structure to find out the severity of the problem.

Finally, is it safe to remove mold yourself? We suggest you stick to the professionals. We say this because mold is like an ice burg. You and I may see a little on the outside but you never know how big the problem has spread on the inside of a wall or ceiling. Removing mold is more difficult than most people think. You need to isolate the mold, set up negative pressure so mold spores don’t get into other parts of your home, wear proper personal protective gear, and replace porous items that have mold. Call us for all your mold remediation needs. Our Technicians are certified and trained to take care of that nasty mold for you!

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