Causes of Residential Water Damage

Whether your basement recently flooded, your house has developed a mold problem, or you’ve noticed warping along the walls, your first question is probably about what caused the issue. Residential water damage can happen for many different reasons. Here are a few of the most common ones.

Environmental Damage

Weather-related water damage can be fairly obvious. If your basement floods during a rainstorm, you’ll clearly understand the source of the flooding. Sometimes environmental water damage can be less obvious, though. For example, rainwater may not flood the basement immediately. Sometimes a blocked drain can cause rainwater to build up over time until it backs up into your house. A power outage during a hurricane or tornado will shut off your basement’s sump pump, which can also cause a water backup.

Pipe Damage

Pipe damage can sometimes, but not always, be caused by bad weather. Your house is especially susceptible to this issue during the winter. When pipes freeze, they can also burst and flood your home. Other kinds of pipe damage can occur at any time of year. Sometimes pipes develop small leaks, slowly dripping over time and causing water damage that you don’t notice until it’s too late. These leaks can cause mold and even structural damage.

Post-Fire Damage

If you’ve had the misfortune of experiencing a fire in your house, you’re probably more concerned about fire damage than water damage. The water that put out the fire, however, could have also caused damage. It’s important to take note of this damage too because, like all water damage, it can lead to mold and structural issues. Furthermore, this water has mixed with smoke and ash, which is also unhealthy and requires a professional service for decontamination.

No matter the source, water damage in your home can be difficult and dangerous. The best way to deal with residential water damage is to call a professional restoration service. Warren Cleaning and Restoration can help you with your residential water damage. Whether the damage came from a flood, a fire, or a pipe problem, Warren Cleaning and Restoration will use a multi-step process to treat your home as thoroughly as possible. If you need help after experiencing water damage, use the contact form on our website or give us a call today at 1-(828)-595-4776.

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