Christmas Decorating Safety Tips

How to Avoid a Decorating Disaster

Warren Restoration wants you to take some extra precautions for your home this Christmas. While the Holiday season is a time for decorating fun, it can also pose several dangers. You wouldn’t think that decorations could cause such a threat! The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates there were 15,000 injuries involving holiday decorating seen in emergency departments nationwide during November and December 2012. Here are tips on how to prevent these decorating dangers!

Choosing a safe Christmas tree

• Pick out the freshest green tree so the needles will bend and not break off so easy.
• Cut an inch or two from the trunk allowing water to soak better into the tree.
• Place tree away from fireplaces, radiators, space heaters.
• Make sure your artificial tree is fire resistant.
• Artificial trees that come with lights installed need to be labeled with a seal of proper wiring approval (UL) Underwriters Laboratory.

Holiday Lights Safety

• Select lights that have been tested for safety and labeled (UL).
• Check each strand for broken bulbs, cracked sockets or frayed wires.
• Always unplug lights when replacing bulbs.
• Don’t link more than 3 lights unless instructions say is safe.
• Don’t overload extension cords.
• Do not place cords under rugs or across open walkways.
• Make sure that outside lights are approved for outdoor use.
• Turn off all lights when leaving home or going to bed.

Fireplace and Mantel Decoration Safety

• Do not leave lit fireplaces unattended.
• Remove stockings and other decor from lit fireplaces.
• Resist burning wrapping paper and pine in fireplaces.

Burning Candle Safety

• Place candles in sturdy, non-combustible holders that won’t tip over.
• Keep candles away from decorations.
• Don’t leave lit candles unattended.
• Check on candles to make sure they have not burned down too far.
• Do not burn candles on or near Christmas tree.

Ladder Safety

• Make sure all four legs are secured on the ground.
• Position extended ladders at a 75 degree angle or 1 foot out for every 4 foot in height.
• Use a nonconductive fiberglass or wooden ladder when working with electricity.
• Don’t hang outside lights at night.
• Unplug lights when hanging.
• Do not hang lights around power lines or in trees around power lines.

Fire Safety

• Place fire alarms near or on ceilings in all major rooms of home.
• Install carbon monoxide alarms in bedrooms with wood or gas appliances.
• Test and clean alarms to insure proper use.
• Place fire extinguishers in kitchen for easy access and remember the acronym PASS

o P-Pull pin
o A-Aim at base of flame
o S-Squeeze handle
o S-Sweep from side to side on base of flames.

Taking these precautions will help ensure a safe 2014 Holiday season for you, your family, and your employees. We do not wish anyone to experience a fire emergency but in case you do please call 911. Always remember Warren Restoration is here for you 24/7 and we wish you happy holidays!

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