Crawl Space Cleaning

Most people don’t think about the crawlspace under their homes or even the one above (the attic) until there is a problem. Often the first time you notice a problem is when you get a whiff of a foul odor. Due to these areas often being neglected for long periods of time, there may be some hazards under there that you were not aware of.

Mold contamination can be very detrimental to your health and if there is a chance of large areas of mold in your crawl space, it is best to hire a professional to clean the area. Inhaling mold spores can cause severe respiratory illnesses. Protective equipment and the correct chemicals are needed for clearing this hazard from your crawlspace and even in your attic if there has been moisture leaking in to the space.

Animal droppings such as rat and mice feces are often present in crawl spaces. Serious illness can be contracted from coming into contact with contaminated urine and feces. Your cleaning company will use a black light to pick up the areas with problems and possibly even remove a layer of soil from under the space to completely remove the rodent excretions from under your house.  Rodents may also infest your attic space and you may need to remove stored materials to get rid of these pests as well as arrange for a full clean up of the creatures and the mess they leave behind. The cleaning company may also be able to help in the case of an animal that has expired under your home causing a foul order and soil contamination.

Asbestos contamination can found where asbestos piping has deteriorated and might be dropped onto the floor of the crawl space or hanging from piping. Asbestos can have serious health implications if any of the fibers enter the respiratory system. Using a professional that is aware of the risks and takes the necessary precautions is a better option than attempting to fix the problem yourself.

Sewerage spill can also occur in a crawl space. Crawling through narrow spaces contaminated with sewerage requires the correct gear to avoid skin and respiratory contamination. Even if the sewerage spill has dried out, the pathogens can be carried in the dust in the crawl space and disturbed when movement occurs.

A professional company will have qualified personnel with the correct equipment to clean your crawl space correctly without creating any further hazards. Using dust containment and negative air, the risk of the dust and airborne pathogens being spread to other areas is reduced, reducing possible harm to vulnerable persons in your home.

Crawl spaces can be cleaned with a power washer in most instances where there will be no related moisture build up and the area can be aerated and dried out adequately. In other cases, where this is not possible, techniques such as media blasting which is a dry spray technique can be used to remove dirt and contaminants under your home.

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