Four Small Services That Make Your Big Stone Gap Commercial Building Like New

Commercial restoration can do amazing things with properties, but you don’t have to start with the big stuff. If you have a building that’s “okay”, upgrade to “great” with these focus areas. You can remove stains, restore your carpet, kill odors and unwanted pests at their source by focusing on these four areas.

1. Stain Removal

Stain removal is a great way to spruce up a property that’s seen better days. Hardcore stains undermine the cleanliness of a building in subtle ways. This can be particularly unfair to a new business that’s moving into a new space. If the last owners didn’t take good care of their property, you could be left looking shabby. Stain removal also tackles persistent odors associated with the cause of the stain. Take a deep breath in and enjoy it—that’s the smell of success.

2. Carpet Cleaning

Stains aren’t the only way carpets look rundown. Over time, a carpet picks up dirt, dust, and ground in debris. Regular vacuuming can’t reach these small, persistent particles. They clog the carpet’s fibers and render it dull, limp or compact, and “worn” in appearance. Running the carpet over with a typical vacuum or spot treatment won’t help.  A professional, deep level steam cleaning can reach what other cleaning methods can’t. Having the best equipment, and the expertise to use it makes a difference. A professional cleaning to your entire rug will leave your carpet brighter and fluffier than before!

3. Duct Cleaning

Commercial restoration doesn’t just tackle the stains and wear that you can see. There’s one feature of your building that’s all around you but rarely thought of: your ducts. Having your ducts professionally cleaned will go a long way towards freshening the air inside your building. Better air quality will be better for employees and more pleasing to clients. It can help get rid of persistent “damp” or “musty” odors. In extreme cases, it can also clear out debris and infestations. Ducts sometimes make perfect highways for pests, and a professional cleaning stops them in their tracks.

4. Crawl Space Cleanup

Commercial restoration often starts with the crawl space. This area barely seems like part of the building, but it can be a huge breeding ground for problems. Persistent mold and mildew issues often originate in the crawl space. Pests can make it their home. Problems that were cleaned in other parts of the building may linger in the basement. The odor from a fire, for example, may be cleared out of the visible parts of the building. Smoke damage may linger beneath, however, and seep up through the flooring over time. Crawl space cleanup gives your building a clean foundation to build the future on.

Focusing on the basics is a great way to take a property from shabby to classy. A clean crawl space and duct network will provide clean air and a good foundation to your business. Tackling stains and the entire carpet will make your building look new again. Commercial restoration doesn’t have to be huge—the details matter too.

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