Hendersonville Storm Damage Prevention Tips You Can Do in One Hour

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Preparing for a storm can be the difference between success and disaster. Unfortunately, like many things we know we should get around to doing, it often gets pushed to the back burner. If you don’t have a whole weekend to devote to storm-proofing your house, that’s alright. You can devote as little as an hour with these Hendersonville storm damage prevention tips and at least start defending against the storm.

1. Buy and Store a Tarp, Hammer, and Nails

This may take over an hour, depending on how far you live from a hardware store, but it’s definitely worth the time invested. A tarp, hammer, and nails are like a first aid kit for your house. If you sustain storm damage, quick action with your tarp can stop the damage from spreading. Covering a roof leak, for example, can protect your walls and possessions inside the home. Having these items on hand before the storm hits enables quick action.

2. Clean Your Gutters

Break out the yard waste bags and a thick pair of gloves and clean out your gutters. Assuming you don’t run into a major blockage, this work is hard and can be gross, but it doesn’t take long. Blow or scoop those leaves out so your gutters can work properly.

Gutters stop water from falling right onto your foundation at the sides of your house. This helps to protect your foundation from water saturation and the damage that can come with it. Taking time this autumn to prepare for storms will benefit your house.

3. Book a Tree Trimmer (or DIY)

One of the most common causes of damage during a storm is falling tree limbs. High winds can rip branches like matchsticks. Keeping your trees well groomed is a great way to cut down on Hendersonville storm damage. This is especially true of trees that are close to your house, but a strong enough wind can blow branches across a yard or further.

If you don’t want to trim your tree because you’re afraid of cutting it back too much, hire a professional to do it. Consider it an investment in your house. Either way, trimming back your trees will really lower your odds of tree-related storm damage.

4. Check the Weather Report and Batten Down the Hatches

You may not be a ship surging through a fraught sea battle, but if you have hatches, batten them down! At the end of summer, take the time to tour your house and check for damage, open windows, and gaps. If you find anywhere your weather stripping has worn away, replace it! Close open windows in areas you don’t visit as much in the winter. Fill in any damage and spots and you’ll be well-prepared for winter.

Hendersonville storm damage can be severe, but a lot of it can be prevented. If you only have time to spend a few hours on storm damage prevention this year, choose these four things. They can help you avoid the worst of the damage, and can prepare you to act if something does happen.

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