Hidden Flooding Damage You Need to Watch Out For!

Flooding is something that no one wants to happen to their home. Even if the flooding is minimal from rainwater or from an indoor water source, flooding can be damaging and problematic. Here at Warren Restoration, we help with flooding issues often, and we have seen that there are more issues than just water damage when it comes to flooding– especially if the flood isn’t taken care of immediately. Here are just a few hidden damages you should watch out for if you have recently been the victim of flooding.

  • Mold. Mold and flooding problems, sadly, go hand in hand! Mold loves to grow, and it needs moisture in order to do so. If your property is not dry, it doesn’t matter which materials are damp– they can start to mold.
  • Higher Risk of Fires. During a flood, if the water level is high enough, it can short circuits in appliances and mess with the electrical outlets. This increases your risk of fires due to appliance wiring malfunctioning.
  • Exposure of Contaminants. If your flood waters came from the outside of the property, such as rainwater, then you are at an increased risk of contamination and exposure to bacterium. Rainwater runs along collecting pesticides, germs and even sewage if the sewers back up, so all of these substances can be located in flood waters.
  • Increased Pest Problems. Did you know that termites and carpenter ants prefer soft wood? Moist wood after flood waters is particularly soft and easy to chew through, making it an easy target for pests like these.

In order to prevent issues like these ones, be sure to contact us immediately after flooding problems for the best results.

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