How to Prevent Water Damage When You’re Away

When you plan to leave your home for several days, you should learn how to prevent water damage to the structure while you are away. There are several types of problems that can lead to having water in a building, causing extensive problems. Some of the situations that can occur while you are away from your home include:

  • Bursting water pipes – tends to happen during the winter
  • Natural floods – from overflowing rivers or lakes
  • Sewage backups – leading to moisture and sewage damage
  • Water heater leaks – from an old and degraded water heater
  • Flooding from plumbing fixtures – caused by old sinks, bathtubs or toilets
  • Storm damage – caused by rooftop leaks after heavy rainstorms

Before you leave home for an extended amount of time, make sure to avoid any water damage by performing these tasks.

Task 1: Turn Off the Main Water Valves Inside and Outside Your Home

It is important to know the locations of the main water valves inside and outside your home. When you are leaving a home for a few days, turn off these valves to prevent any problems from dripping moisture. After turning off the valves, you should also drain the water pipes in a home by turning on the faucets that are located on the bathtubs and the sinks.

Task 2: Check Appliance Hoses for Damage that can Lead to Leaks

If you have a dishwasher or a washing machine in your home, then the appliances have rubber hoses that transmit the water from pipes in the walls to the inside of the items. If these rubber hoses or the connectors to the appliances degrade, then you risk having moisture damage in a home. While there are often valves near to these appliances, it is also a good idea to replace the water hoses occasionally.

Task 3: Check Your Home’s Roof for Problems

When it rains or when snow and ice melt, it can lead to leaks into the roof of a home. It is a good idea to have a home’s rooftop inspected once a year to find any problems that require a repair. A professional roofing technician can fix minor problems, including replacing missing shingles, but in some cases, your home’s roof will require a total replacement.

Task 4: Keep Drains Clean and Free of Debris

To avoid a flood from sewage, it is important to keep a home’s drains clean and free of debris. You can remove debris from drains with a rubber-tipped plunger, but you can also pour a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda into sink or bathtub drains. If you have noticed that the drains in a home’s kitchen and bathrooms are gurgling, then you should contact an expert to remove the deep debris from the plumbing fixtures.

Task 5: Insulate Water Pipes and Maintain Heating Equipment

Look for self-adhesive insulation tape to wrap around your home’s water pipes to keep the items from cracking when the temperature declines. In addition, it is essential to have a furnace or baseboards working optimally during the winter while you are away from home.

Call Us When a Home has Water Damage

You can count on an immediate response from Warren Restoration in Arden, N.C., when your home has moisture damage. In addition to covering damaged roofs, we can remove water from a structure with suctioning equipment or pumps. It is vital to request assistance right away when there is excessive moisture in a home for any reason. Contact us today at 828-595-4776 to learn more about our restoration services.

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