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Ice Dam Prevention & Removal 101

Ice Dam Prevention & Removal 101

At Warren Restoration, we provide several damage solutions, including water damage services. When you think of water damage, you likely think of flooding repair. However, did you know ice dam removal falls under our water damage services? It’s important to address ice dams as they can be extremely dangerous. Here’s everything you need to know about ice dam prevention and quick removal.

  • Prevention – The most common way to prevent ice dams from forming is installing heated cables along your roofline. This is done by installing the cables in a zig-zag pattern using clips. This method allows the roof’s temperature to stay warm enough that ice and snow don’t form along your roofline.
  • Fast Solutions – It may be tempting to take an axe or hammer to your ice dam. However, that method could be dangerous for you and damage your roof. Instead, consider the following methods.
    • Cold Air – If you have an attic, take a fan and aim it at the exterior walls and ceiling seams. This method will stop the ice melt leak and prevent it from forming a dam.
    • Rake – While using a roof rake, carefully remove the snow off your roof while you are safely on the ground. This will change the temperature of your roof without you having to worry about shingle damage.
    • De-Ice – Use an ice-melting solution such as calcium chloride. Fill a long skinny bag (with holes in it) with the solution and lay it across the ice dam to create a spout for water to escape off your roof.

We hope these tips for handling ice dams will help you prevent and resolve this dangerous hazard. For more permanent ice dam removal, call a professional. If you have any questions regarding ice dam removal, or other water damage services we provide, please contact us at Warren Restoration today!


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