Keep Safe for the Holidays

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Now is the time when everyone is out shopping!! People are shopping to prepare for upcoming holiday parties, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas gifts, and New Year resolutions. This time of year is also a dangerous time to be out! Here are some Safety tips to keep in mind the next couple of months.

When you’re out, try to avoid driving at night. Always keep your doors locked when you’re inside and outside of a vehicle. Avoid parking next to vans, campers, and vehicles with dark tinted windows. While shopping, do not leave packages or valuables visible through windows of your car. Also always locate your keys before leaving a building and be aware of your surroundings when walking to or from your vehicle.

While at the A.T.M. protect your pin from strangers around you. Only use well lit and populated A.T.M.s and do not throw away your A.T.M. receipts near the A.T.M.

While shopping, avoid wearing expensive clothing and jewelry. Try to only shop during the day time, and do not carry your purse or wallet. Keep a small amount of cash in your front pocket and try to only write checks and use a credit card for purchases. Also, avoid walking around with lots of packages and always be aware of strangers approaching you no matter where you are.

Keep your children safe by teaching younger kids their full name, address, phone number, and to find a store clerk for help. Do not let your kids take unaccompanied trips to restrooms or even separate stores. Also, do not let your children walk to vehicles alone or stay in vehicles alone while you shop.

Keep your home safe by always locking your doors, windows, and garages. If traveling, have a long time trusted neighbor or family member check in on your home. When away, leave your T.V. and a few lights on to make the home seem occupied. Do not post on social media that you are leaving until you get back home. Also, do not have large displays of holiday gifts visible from windows or doors. Lastly, be aware of strangers at your door. Criminals can be out looking like couriers delivering gifts or acting as if they are collecting donations for a cause. Always ask for I.D. from strangers at your door.

Warren Restoration hopes everyone keeps safe and wishes you all happy holidays!

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