Mold: Not the 4-Letter Word You Think It Is

Let’s get a few things straight! Mold is something that needs to be taken care of by professionals, and there are harmful types of mold. But before we become all doom-and-gloom, we here at Warren Restoration would like to tell you about some of the facts that can turn this horrifying microbe into something manageable.

First, mold is fairly common. There are thousands of species old mold out there, and the majority of them aren’t harmful to humans. This means that you don’t need to panic if you see mold growing in your home– but you do need professionals to address it.

Second, mold is not going to kill your real estate listing. Let’s say that you discover mold in your home, but you were thinking of putting it on the market soon. While you do need to disclose that mold was found, if it was professionally handled, it will not usually hamper the sale of your property.

Third, mold won’t come back if you take care of the underlying issues. Mold will come back time and time again if you don’t address leaks or humidity, but it will stop growing if you fix the leaks, encapsulate crawlspaces and don’t provide a hospitable environment.

To learn more about mold growth and how to tame it in your own home, give us a call today at Warren Restoration.

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