Pest Removal and Prevention in VA

VA pest removal can be a tough job. Humans provide a sort of haven for pest animals. If they can get inside, our homes seem like paradise. There’s food, water, and shelter for the elements. Prevention is the best cure, but if you already have pests take care with at home chemical solutions. It may be easier to start with a clean slate after a professional cleaning than defeat the pests off yourself.

Inspect the outside of your house

Inspect the outside of your house to keep pests out. Fill in any holes, gaps, or loose fittings you notice as you circle the property. Most pests sneak in through gaps humans rarely notice in our day to day lives. One can of sealant can save you a lot of headaches down the line.

Upgrade window screens

If your window screens are old or tattered, trade them in for new ones ASAP. Window screens are essential to keeping insects and even rodents out of your home. Opt for screens with 200 holes per square inch if you can; these tiny holes keep even tiny flies out of your space.

Keep a close eye on your trash

This is a key part of both pest removal and prevention. To most pests, human trash is a free buffet of amazing food. A wild mouse never tastes cheese, and a fly never has a chance for butter, soup drops, and everything else. Take your trash out frequently. If you notice a pest problem, keep your trash sealed and take it out even more. That can help starve the pests out.

Eliminate standing water

Standing water is a combination bath, drink, and breeding ground for pests. Check your basement or cellar frequently for standing water, and also eliminate it around the house. Empty pots and pans right away, and be sure your sinks drain quickly.

Follow location instructions on chemicals

If you have pests, a chemical solution is the quickest way to get rid of them. You can buy bug bombs and pest control chemicals at most gardening or house supply stores. When you buy a treatment, pay careful attention to where it’s supposed to be used. If a product says it’s made to use outside, don’t use it in the house. Opening the windows can’t compare to the great outdoors, and you need proper ventilation.

Measure chemicals exactly

When you have a bad pest problem, it’s tempting to try overkill as a method of dealing with it. If you’re dealing with chemicals, stick to the label. Some people want to double up on chemicals to “really get the job done”, but it’s not safe to skip the directions. Two passes will be more effective (and target more pests) than one doubly strong and potentially dangerous one.

Start with a clean slate

If your pest problem has gone beyond the basic stages, call a professional to handle it. It’s easy to tell when your pest prevention tactics are working when you start with a clean slate. A professional pest removal expert can stop the damage and give you a clean space again.

Pest removal is a tricky process. Leave advanced cases to the experts. Read the directions before tackling mild problems. Focus on prevention: good seals and eliminating trash and water will go a long way.

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