Reduce Allergies Inside Your Home

You would be surprised at how the many pollutants found in your home can be the root of your allergic reaction. It isn’t just outdoor irritants, such as pollen, that can cause allergies. Your home often contains a concentrated amount of particles that can cause an allergic reaction to occur. When you combine those concentrated particles with the time that you spend indoors, you are likely looking at more allergic reactions. You may also have mold damage and water damage in your home that could be causing problems you aren’t aware of.

What are the common allergens found in the home?

You’d be surprised at how many allergens are found in the average home. You may have mold damage, dust mites, and pet dander. Even outdoor pollen can get tracked inside over and over again. Once it does, these allergens can cause a lot of symptoms to occur. The best way to deal with allergens is to keep them from occurring.

How can I reduce the amount of indoor allergies in my home?

There are a number of practical ways that you can defend your house from allergy causing problems.

  • Clean Often- Always make sure to clean your carpets and surfaces often.
  • Use Quality Equipment- Choose a vacuum cleaner that is a higher quality than others. It should reduce the number of allergens in your carpets and surfaces by at least 50% or more.
  • Dust Regularly- You’d be surprised at how much dust gets behind televisions and on appliances.
  • Purchase Washable Bedding Covers and Window Coverings- Allergens can hide in window coverings and the covers on your bed. You want to be able to regularly wash them both to reduce allergens.
  • Keep Your Pets Cleaned- Dogs and cats track in allergens from the outdoors- it isn’t just their dander that can cause a problem. Always bathe them regularly and wash their personal bedding often.
  • Regular Pest Control- Make sure to keep all insects out of your house to reduce allergens.
  • Dehumidify and Look for Small Leaks- Mold and water damage are both problems when it comes to allergens. Always check your home for leaks that could be a problem. Run a dehumidifier to keep damp areas as dry as possible.
  • Change Filters- Always use high-quality air filters in your furnace and change them often.

Are you concerned about allergies you are experiencing in your home?

Warren Restoration in Hendersonville NC can also help out if you need to take care of water or mold damage in your home. If you have any questions or concerns about the state of your house, they can help ease your worries.

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