Biohazard & Hoarding Cleanup

Trust our professionals to clean up and expertly handle biohazard and hoarding emergencies.

Biohazard & Hoarding Clean-Up Services

As heartbreaking as the situation may be, when a friend or loved one passes away in a home or has a hoarding issue, the property just isn’t safe. In either case, the place needs to be thoroughly cleaned before it’s habitable again.

You don’t know how to deal with hazardous materials in a loved one’s home, especially when the situation is exacerbated by hoarding. That’s why you need an experienced, compassionate team to provide biohazard clean-up on the property.

Hoarding clean-up services require special products and practices. The service typically involves some level of biohazard removal, even when there hasn’t been a death on the property. Unsafe materials sometimes found in hoarders’ homes warrant a call to experts like Warren Restoration. Warren is one of the most trusted biohazard clean-up companies in Western North Carolina, Southwest Virginia and Southwest Florida.

When You Need Biohazard Removal

Biohazard clean-ups include the removal of chemicals and poisons you may not recognize. You should never to try to undertake biohazard clean-up on your own. It’s dangerous to you and to the property.

A related service biohazard clean-up companies provide is crime scene clean-up. Crime scenes, hoarding situations, unknown spills, sharp objects, biological waste and pathological material clean-ups require a special touch that includes:

Performing biohazard removal of contaminated items

Restoring your property to be environmentally safe

Removing all blood-borne pathogens

Following federal and state regulations

Hoarding clean-up of vermin, bacteria and mold

Ensuring proper containment of debris

Eliminating all potential biohazards during the clean-up

Remediating biohazard cleanup of animal waste

Using specially formulated biohazard removal and clean-up products

Risks Associated with Hoarding Cleanup

After a violent crime has taken place on your residential or commercial property, it’s clear that you need a specialized and experienced team from one of the local biohazard clean-up companies. The regulations and penalties governing the clean-up of potentially hazardous environments are straightforward. Few non-professionals, therefore, are prepared to take on the risks of getting it wrong.

Hoarding clean-up services can be just as daunting and depressing. You never know what you may encounter until you start digging. Without the proper ventilated hoods and masks, clothing, gloves and cleaning products, an inexperienced hoarding clean-up can turn extremely dangerous and lead to…

Hantavirus, a dangerous respiratory illness usually contracted after exposure to rodent feces

Infections from unattended garbage

Allergic reactions to pathogens and other biological threats

Exposure to blood-borne pathogens such as viral hepatitis, HIV and AIDS

Headaches, impaired brain function, seizures and even coma

Rely on Experienced Biohazard Cleanup Companies and Hoarding Cleanup Services

Hoarding is an illness recognized by the American Medical Association. It’s estimated that about 1.2 million people suffer from the disease. Seniors without regular family or community contact are particularly vulnerable.

And while you may want to be of service to a friend of loved one who needs hoarding clean-up, don’t put yourself or your family at risk. Similarly, after a violent crime scene has been released and the police leave, don’t think that you’re being helpful by offering to clean.

Instead, rely on biohazard removal and hoarding clean-up done right so that you can sell or move into the property. When it’s done right, you don’t have to worry about any lingering contamination, and you don’t have to put your own health at risk. Call the professionals at Warren Restoration for a worry-free hoarder clean-up.

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