Board Up Services

Unexpected disasters — fires, violent storms, flooding, and various accidents — not only cause destruction, but they leave your home or commercial property vulnerable to further damage or vandalism.

With enough advance notice, you can be proactive in securing your home or business property before disaster strikes, minimizing potential problems once the emergency is over. If a catastrophe has already happened, you can take protective procedures to help prevent further damage to your property and keep it safe from intruders. For the best protection and peace of mind before or immediately following an emergency, you need a professional board-up service.

Warren Restoration provides the board-up and restoration services you need. Our trained technicians understand the trauma and destruction of disasters, natural or accidental. Both residential and commercial customers in an approximate 2-hour radius from our offices in Big Stone Gap, VA, and Hendersonville, NC, can rely on our expertise to secure your home or business and to save as much of your property as possible—as well as give you peace of mind so you can take care of the people and things that matter.

We also repair the damage when the emergency is over.

If your home or business has already sustained fire, storm, or accident-related damage, you need to take immediate action to prevent further deterioration of the property due to exposure to the elements and outsiders. WARREN CLEANING AND RESTORATION can place the boards and other materials needed to secure all areas of your home or business property to protect it against further damage from weather conditions and secure it against unwanted entry by animals or intruders. Our pros can also board up plate glass, such as when a storm causes a tree branch to fall into a window or even after a car crash.

Call us 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our goal is to provide residential and commercial customers with reliable emergency board-up service—at cost-effective rates—any time disaster strikes.

Boarding up your property, regardless of whether it has already sustained damage or you want to prepare for a major catastrophe, such as a hurricane, offers a number of benefits:

A destructive storm may also leave you with a damaged roof at your home or business property. As part of our board-up services, Warren Restoration also provides temporary roof tarping to stop roof leaks and protect it from further water or wind damage. Our technicians will respond quickly to your emergency call and tarp your roof efficiently and effectively, always adhering to industry safety standards. We use durable, heavy-duty, water- and wind-resistant tarps designed for both residential and commercial properties—they’re affordable and come sized to fit any shape or size roof.

The potential expense of any further repairs you might need to make far outweighs the cost of taking the efficient, commonsense action of boarding up your property—to preserve it in advance of an impending emergency or immediately following one. And peace of mind is priceless.

WARREN CLEANING AND RESTORATION provides both board-up services for temporary protection, and can also do full repairs and restoration or renovation at your home or business property. And we will even help with your insurance claim, working directly with your provider on your behalf. Using Xactimate®, a flat-rate insurance estimator, we calculate fair estimates and costs. And we record all aspects of your claim—photos, notes, quotes, and other relevant documentation—in our online DASH, system, to which we provide continuous access to you and your provider. We are committed to helping you get the maximum insurance settlement possible.

Rely on Our Team of Experienced Board Up Specialists

If you anticipate or have sustained a fire, flood, accident, or other disaster at your home or commercial property, call Warren Restoration right away for emergency help. Our offices in the southwest Virginia and western North Carolina areas service a 2-hour radius around each location:

Big Stone Gap, VA—servicing southwest Virginia: 276-220-5171

Hendersonville, NC—our new office servicing western North Carolina: 828-595-4776

WARREN CLEANING AND RESTORATION puts our name and reputation behind our family-owned and -operated company. We are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. We offer estimates, fair pricing, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Call us 24/7, 365 days a year, for the fastest, most reliable board-up services you can get. And rest assured that your home or business has been fully secured when disaster strikes—and restored when the crisis is over.