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Crawl Space Cleanup, Asheville, NC

When you plan your spring deep cleaning, let WARREN RESTORATION take care of your home.

Any home that sits above the ground on supports, or includes a basement, will have a Crawl space. These small enclosed areas are like tunnels, and are usually a cesspool of contaminated moisture for a variety of reasons. They can stay wet from the ever present groundwater, leaking into the foundation of your home. It could be from rising water tables in your area, or flooding rains.  No matter what the reason,  when this occurs, the continuously damp crawl spaces can be dangerous to your health, as well as causing tremendous damage to your home.

As moisture rises up from the crawl space, it seeps into baseboards and floors of your home. As your home absorbs this moisture, it acts like a wick, starting at the bottom and working its way all through your home. Not only can the wetness cause buckling of the base boards, trim, and wooden floors, you can also expect mold on carpets, drapes, and possibly furniture.  This type of mold not only smells bad, and ruins fabric; it can ultimately create serious health conditions in your home.

If you discover that moisture is an ongoing problem in your home, especially if you have determined it is coming you’re your home’s crawl space, we have solutions! WARREN  RESTORATION is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have extensive experience in restoring your precious home and belongings back to their original condition.  Not only can we clean and restore your home, but also can help you protect your home from this natural occurring phenomenon from happening inside your crawl space.  Don’t wait for permanent damage to set in.  Set up an evaluation with one of our trained professionals today.

WARREN RESTORATION installers are Santa Fe Certified who are knowledgeable and reputed for quality service. Our certified installers follow best practices for crawl space encapsulation and are dedicated to quality workmanship.


Our exclusive Crawl Space Encapsulation Procedure

At WARREN CLEANING AND RESTORATION, we have developed a tried and true process to encapsulate your crawl space, and successfully protect it and your home from undue moisture. Here is our proven 5 step solution for protecting your home and family.

  • Step 1: examine the crawl space and home area

We must first determine if your crawl space is “encapsulation-ready”.   There may be airflow or leaking problems that are easily fixed and require only the slightest bit of preparation in order to ensure we have a tight moisture barrier. We are knowledgeable in the finer points of this pre-work before we start the actual encapsulation process.  We will identify and point out these that during our initial walk-through. 

  • Step 2: Determine a plan of attack & ready the space

After we have examined and rated the crawl space, we will devise a straightforward plan of attack that will include encapsulation process of your home. This strategy for the moisture proofing of the crawl space will include identifying the source of the moisture, as well as the rate of saturation.  Once we know these factors, we can accurately calculate labor and materials required to complete the job.  There are also other factors to be considered that we will address at this time.  It is now that we might want to install a sump pump, or consider other methods of permanent drainage.  During this process we will to consider any solutions that will prevent future moisture from damaging your crawl space or home.

  • Step 3: Install our exclusive vapor barrier

We use only the top of the line products in your home.  Our vapor barrier is made from a 12 mil poly which is so strong it can withstand years of exposure to the elements while in your crawl space.  This tough waterproof barrier keeps all moisture from penetrating the crawl space walls into your home. As an added bonus, this barrier also acts as a protective barrier against bugs and animals finding their way in as well! 

  • Step 4: Insulate your crawl space, and securely seal the access

To make certain that your moisture barrier is sound; we inspect it and seal any cracks, crevices or openings within the crawl space that might have been missed.  We then secure the access door in place, making sure it is also moisture tight.   This further assures you that moisture will be kept out of your home, and you can maintain a clean and healthy environment. 

  • Step 5: Ensure proper air flow in your space

As a final precaution, we will make sure your crawl space has the proper ventilation.  It is important to make sure air is flowing through your crawl space at the proper rate. To accomplish this, we may have to install a fan, or use other methods to ensure proper you space is moisture free and moderate the temperature: humidity ratio.

Choosing the RIGHT Professionals to care for your home is penultimate for quality service.

When you contact WARREN CLEANING AND RESTORATION from the minute you connect with our friendly and concerned dispatchers, you will know you have made the right choice.  They will listen to your concerns and act accordingly. We can have one of our professionally trained technicians come out and evaluate your property.  When this is done, we can lay out a comprehensive plan to address your home’s problems. Call us at 828-595-4776 for free consultations and evaluations.  We provide written estimates, and all work is guaranteed.   Let us at WARREN CLEANING AND RESTORATION provides the permanent solution to your crawl space problems.   Our goal is provide your family with a safe, clean, and healthy home at a price that won’t cost you a second mortgage!