Crawlspace Encapsulation

Our 7-Step Crawlspace Restoration Process

Clean Out the Space

We begin this process by cleaning out any left behind construction debris, stored contents, and other miscellaneous items within your crawl space to create a clean work environment.

Ground Clearing & Smoothing

During this phase, we remove rocks, buried treasures, and left behind excess concrete. We then rake and smooth out the crawl space dirt to prepare the ground for our 100% reinforced vapor barrier. We love it when a plan comes together.

Mold Removal

Most property owners don't look at their crawl spaces very often, if ever. If there is any moisture in the space, mold and mildew can grow without you knowing. Our certified team will inspect the entire crawlspace and safely remove any traces of mold that we find.

Insulation Replacement

We may need to remove and replace the insulation in between your floor joists. This lets us access the underside of your subfloor to remove any mold. Insulation will also need to be removed if it has lost its thermal resistance due to age or moisture.

Sump Pump Installation

If necessary, we will install a sump pump in your crawlspace. We start by finding the lowest point in the space and digging to install the sump pump pit. We make sure there is a natural slope so water can easily drain away from your home.

Vapor Barrier Encapsulation

We lay out a 100% reinforced vapor barrier along the ground, around piers, and up the foundation walls. We leave 3" of space between the top of the walls and barrier to allow for future inspections. The barrier is secured and all seams are sealed with the proper adhesives.


The final step in our process is installing an industrial dehumidifier. This keeps future mold and moisture levels in check. We make sure to level the dehumidifier, route drainage away from the foundation, and install a GFCI outlet for maximum protection.

Warren Restoration Follows Through

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We offer restoration of fire, water, and smoke damage, mold removal, and more!