Crawlspace Encapsulation

How Do We Encapsulate Your Crawl?

8 Phases of Phenom

Clean Sweep

We begin this process by cleaning out any left behind construction debris, stored contents, and other miscellaneous items within your crawl space to create a clean work environment.

Smooth Criminal

During this phase, we remove rocks, buried treasures, and left behind excess concrete. We then rake and smooth out the crawl space dirt to prepare the ground for our 100% reinforced vapor barrier. We love it when a plan comes together.

French Kiss

These are one of the optional phases, but we’re at this bridge so let’s cross it. Should you choose the option to have water intrusion kept at bay via interior French Drains, this is when the magic happens. Our crew will designate the best area to migrate that pesky water intrusion and start digging. “X” marks the spot! We ensure an exquisite slope, allowing water to drain to the lowest point where it will then enter the sump pump pit.

Mold Murderers

Most crawl spaces are left untended, and thus fall victim to mold’s evil clutches. Worry not, for we are here to remedy your crawl space from any and all mold and mildew. Here, we get to dress up as ghost busters in our fancy suits and get to work on eradicating the mold that has decided to live with you rent free. Be assured we’ll get the job done; we’ve got the certifications and experience to handle this step in the safest and most efficient way available.

Insulation Insurrection

Rise up against the establishment of mold contaminated and moisture holding insulation! During the previous phase, we always recommend removing and replacing the insulation in-between your floor joists. This gives us accessibility to the underside of your sub-floor and the upper territory of floor joists to remove all mold contamination. Insulation will also need to be removed if it has lost it’s “R” value due to age or if it has absorbed moisture. We will inform you of any findings and provide photo evidence so you know you’re not being swindled.

Sump Pump Dump

Another optional phase, however, this one goes hand-in-hand with interior french drains. Whether you elect to pursue interior french drains or not, this option will be recommended if it is deemed necessary. We will find the lowest point in the crawl space and start digging to install the sump pump pit. If french drains are being installed, we will gradually slope them to the sump pump pit to force any water intrusion straight to the sump pump and out of your crawl space, away from the foundation. When french drains aren’t necessary, but a stand-alone sump pump will get the job done, we will follow the same procedure by finding the lowest point in the crawl and ensure a natural slope to the pit of water’s despair.

Elite Encapsulation

Here’s where it gets spicy; we begin laying out a thick, white, 100% reinforced vapor barrier along the ground, around piers, and right up the walls. We leave 3″ of space between the top of the foundation wall and our installed vapor barrier to allow for pest control inspections. The final product is something to behold. All seams are taped to ensure a proper seal from ground water and moisture. Vapor barrier is secured to walls with proper adhesives. Further insulation options for foundation walls are provided during the initial inspection.

Dehumidification on Deck

The chef’s kiss to our immaculate crawl space encapsulation: installing an industrial dehumidifier. This is where peace of mind can really set in. Dehumidification will keep future mold growth at bay, moisture intrusion in check, and framing members in fantastic condition. We make sure to level the dehumidifier, route the drainage away from the foundation, and install a GFCI outlet for maximum protection.

Warren Restoration Follows Through

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