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Residential Water Damage Restoration, Asheville, NC

Residential Water-Damage RestorationWater damage in your home can range from a minor pipe leak to a flood covering your entire basement floor. Broken appliances, burst frozen pipes, backed-up toilets, and storm flooding are just a few causes of water damage that can result in destruction in your home and cause long-term damage to your property if not properly cared for.

Has your home life been disrupted by water damage? Call Warren Restoration right away. We provide emergency water damage restoration services and are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand your concerns and work hard to clean up the mess and restore your home to its pre-water-damage condition.

Our team of experts has the customer focus, the expertise, and the knowledge to handle all your residential water damage and restoration needs. And, our products and equipment clean away all signs of water damage from your home, with methods that are safe for you, your pets, and your family.

We service a 2-hour radius around our family-owned and operated offices in southwest Virginia and western North Carolina. Call us if you are local to:

  • Big Stone Gap, VA—servicing southwest Virginia: 276-220-5171
  • Hendersonville, NC—our new office servicing western North Carolina: 828-595-4776

Residential water damage occurs for any number of reasons –

  • Basement flooding – Blocked storm drains and heavy rains can lead to water in your basement. This type of flooding is especially dangerous as water can seep into and behind walls, and eventually cause damage to the structure of your home or lead to a mold infestation.
  • Burst frozen pipe – Frigid temperatures in winter can lead to water inside pipes freezing. This ice blockage can result in built-up water pressure down the line that eventually forces the pipe to burst.
  • Faulty appliances – Dishwashers, washing machines, and hot water heaters break down with age and use. They can cause a huge water mess without warning and, if not treated, can leak through cabinets, ceilings, and flooring.
  • Leaky pipes – Basement, kitchen, and bathroom pipes can crack and leak over time. Slow water drips seep into cabinets, floors, and ceilings. This pervasive spread of water causes structural damage and can lead to a serious health problem if mold and mildew take hold and grow.
  • High winds and hurricanes – Storms cause power outages, which means your basement sump pump stops working. Water that enters the pit can eventually overflow into the surrounding area, causing significant damage.
  • Sewer line backup – Given the health and sanitation issues involved, only professionals with the proper equipment and products should clean these types of unsanitary conditions.
  • Water from putting out a fire – Emergency responders and home sprinkler systems leave water everywhere. Because water combines with residue from smoke and damaged contents, this type of cleanup is better left to professionals.

The water restoration process includes a full range of residential and commercial water-damage cleanup and restoration services. And, because we are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured, you can trust us to handle your job professionally and reliably, from start to finish.

Step 1 – For our initial assessment, we:

  • Take all precautions, such as shutting down electricity, because customer and employee safety is top priority
  • Locate the source of the leak or water entry, and take interim steps to prevent further flooding
  • Inspect the water-damaged area, and classify the damage accordingly
  • Categorize the type of water based on the level of contamination and bio concerns present
  • Develop a proper, efficient cleanup method based on findings

Step 2 – To support the insurance claims process:

  • We take photos of the water-damaged area, furnishings, home contents, etc., both before and after water extraction
  • Using Xactimate®, we develop a fair quote based on national averages
  • To substantiate your claim, we document the damage and detail our processes
  • Our DASH system stores our notes and photos online, and allows both you and your insurance provider full, anytime access to your claim information

Step 3 – Water removal and drying:

  • Our professional-grade water extractors and submersible pumps work hard to extract every bit of water from your home
  • Truck-mounted equipment means we remove the water completely off your premises
  • Specialized drying equipment—heavy-duty air movers, fans, drying panels—dry the water-damaged area efficiently
  • We use specialized moisture-detection equipment, including infrared cameras and hygrometers, to check for residual moisture and dampness behind walls, under subfloors, in attics and elsewhere where mold can grow

Step 4 – Cleanup and restoration of your home to its pre-damage condition includes:

  • Removal and disposal of debris and structural items that cannot be salvaged
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring furnishings and belongings to the best of our ability
  • HVAC cleaning and HEPA vacuuming to reduce airborne contaminants
  • A follow-up visit to check for remaining dampness and moisture, and retreatment as necessary

Our technicians are fully trained and highly qualified. Our service professionals are IICRC-certified. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification is well recognized as the organization that sets the standards for disaster recovery. Plus, our technicians are certified by MICRO, the nationally recognized Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization.

We work hard to gain—and keep—your business. We offer countless advantages:

  • Availability 24/7
  • Friendly, courteous service
  • Highly qualified, well-trained technicians
  • Quality work—every time
  • Estimates and reasonable pricing
  • Ease of insurance claim processing
  • Cleaning methods and products that are safe for pets and humans
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

Water damage in your home can disrupt and upend the entire family. The pros at WARREN CLEANING AND RESTORATION understand, and are there when you need us most to provide individualized service. Our water cleanup and damage restoration professionals work hard to get you and your family back in your home as quickly as possible.

Trust our knowledge and expertise to properly handle any water damage restoration issue you face. At the first sign of water damage, don’t wait another minute. If you live in southwest Virginia (276-220-5171) or western North Carolina (828-595-4776), place your emergency call to us right away.