Smoke Odor Removal

Following a fire at your home or commercial property, the odor of smoke lingers in walls, drapes, carpets, furniture, and more.

And no matter how small the fire or how quickly it was extinguished, residual smoke can continue to permeate the entire environment. Some people are even sickened by the smell, and experience nausea, headaches, or other symptoms that force them to vacate the premises. This can wreak unfortunate havoc on your home life or business operations.

Once the firefighters have left, you naturally want to restore your property to its pre-fire and pre-smoke-damage condition as quickly as possible. You might even be tempted to start the cleanup process yourself using store-bought products. But, although these solutions might mask smoke odor temporarily, they won’t stop or eliminate odor at its source. Microscopic particles from the smoke permeate furniture, walls, floors, clothing, air ducts—and even appliances and computers. Without the help of a professional, cleaning these smoke deposits and eliminating smoke odor can be tedious, laborious, and ultimately futile.

Warren Restoration can help.

We are a professional fire- and smoke-damage cleanup company servicing an approximate 2-hour radius from our offices in Big Stone Gap, VA, and Hendersonville, NC. We put you, the customer, first, and strive to meet your every need.

Call us 24/7, 365 days a year, for an estimate. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, so we take care to provide the highest-quality service possible. And we adhere to the standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification—our qualified technicians are all IICRC certified. They are also certified by MICRO, the nationally recognized Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization.

When you contact WARREN CLEANING AND RESTORATION to help with smoke odor, we perform an initial assessment of the work needed to safely and expertly eliminate smoke odor. Our specialists treat your belongings and property with care as they work to eliminate smoke odor at its source and to leave your home or business property smelling clean and fresh.

Steps in the Smoke Odor Removal Process

Once the area has been deemed safe to enter, WARREN RESTORATION professionals perform the following services:

  • Assess the damage and develop an action plan. Our first step is to fully assess the damage caused by smoke following a fire to determine the full extent of the cleanup and restoration needed, inside and out.
  • Identify damaged property. Then we work with you to identify and inventory all smoke-damaged items, including photos, books, mementos, furnishings, and more, that will require thorough cleaning and restoration. (We may also recommend the removal of non-damaged items during the smoke-odor removal process to eliminate the potential for them to absorb smoke particles.)
  • Dispose of non-salvageable items. We will also remove and properly dispose of those items that are beyond repair, including items damaged in the fire.
  • Clean, sanitize, and disinfect the interior. Using state-of-the-art equipment and safe and effective professional-grade solutions, we thoroughly clean the entire affected area. We scrub and clean all surfaces: floors, walls, ceilings, woodwork, windows and mirrors, ceiling fans and light fixtures, etc. After we confirm all smoke odor has been eliminated, we sanitize and deodorize the area so you can be certain you will be returning to a safe, clean environment.
  • Clean, sanitize, and disinfect air vents and the HVAC system. This part of the process ensures that smoke articles landing in ducts and systems will not be blown out into the environment in the future.
  • Clean, sanitize, and disinfect the exterior. And we don’t stop at the door. We also clean siding, decks, driveways, windows, and more to remove all smoke particles from the property.
  • Defog and neutralize. After closing off the affected area on your property, we treat it using a safe defogger to neutralize the smoke odor and use other approved techniques to completely eliminate the odor from the air.
  • Repair and renovate your property. We coordinate all repair and renovation work on any damaged structural component according to your specifications—a step that saves you the time and trouble of having to obtain estimates from multiple contractors.

And, we work directly with your insurance provider on your behalf to facilitate the process and help you get the maximum insurance settlement possible. Using Xactimate®, a flat-rate insurance estimator, we calculate fair estimates and costs. And our online DASH system gives you and your provider access to all aspects of your claim—photos, notes, quotes, and other relevant documentation—at all times.

Rely on Our Team of Smoke Odor Removal Specialists

As if a fire isn’t bad enough, secondary damage from smoke odor adds insult to injury. Only a professional smoke odor removal company can achieve the results you need. The team of experts at WARREN CLEANING AND RESTORATION is available 24/7, 365 days a year, to remove smoke residue from every corner of your property. Our offices in the southwest Virginia and western North Carolina areas serve an approximate 2-hour radius from each of our family-owned and operated locations:

Big Stone Gap, VA—servicing southwest Virginia: 276-220-5171

Hendersonville, NC—our new office servicing western North Carolina: 828-595-4776

When you need help to remove smoke odor following a fire, call WARREN RESTORATION 24/7 before the problem gets any worse. We understand what it takes, and guarantee our services. And we’re here to help every day of the year.