Storm Damage

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Storms are diverse and destructive forces of nature. They have the absolute power to destroy your home and all that you’ve worked so hard to build. Each year, tens of thousands of homes fall victim to storms and require storm damage repair. Here at Warren Restoration, we want to help you with your storm damage and restoration needs for your Asheville, North Carolina property.

Your full service emergency response and restoration solution. Whether your property is commercial or residential, storm damage repair and storm damage restoration should always be addressed as soon as the storm passes. That’s the only way to prevent future problems with mold and all the inherent dangers it brings.

Professional Storm Damage Repair Options

If you’re ever faced with storm, flood or water damage, you need to be able to trust the professionals you hire to ensure your property is made safe and in functional order. You should choose a company with all of the experience, expertise and resources needed to preserve your investment.

Storm damage restoration isn’t something to leave to chance or an internet search. You need a qualified team to put your mind at ease. Some of the many ways that experts assist after the storm include…

Specialized cleaning

Sealing off damaged areas to prevent exposure

Extraction of standing water

Cleanup and prevention of mold and mildew

Disposal of damaged or hazardous materials

Floor remediation

Flood Damage Repair Is Vital

Flood damage repair is a much more involved process then clearing debris and mopping your floor. Flooded house repair can’t be taken lightly. The first 24 hours after a flood are the most crucial to avoid potential risk to your property.

Knowledgeable flood restoration services follow set steps to save what you’ve worked so hard for. Flood damage restoration involves…

Assessing the extent of your damage and necessary repairs

Removing any standing water

Removing and disposing of contaminants and debris

Restoring your utilities

Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting flooded parts of your home

Applying floor remediation when necessary

Assessing the extent of your rebuild and future storm damage restoration

There are times when flooded house repair is a lost cause, such as when floor remediation fails to address structural issues resulting from the flood. Just because the waters have receded, doesn’t mean you home isn’t waterlogged or that your foundation wasn’t compromised. You need someone on your team who’s able to see your damage objectively and tell you outright if your property can be saved. New regulations may demand that you fill in your basement or raise your home.

Not All Damage is Created Equal

Your situation is as unique as your property, and there are definite benefits to getting professional help. You shouldn’t have to deal with storm damage restoration or flooded house repair alone. The safety of your structure and the health of its occupants depend on decisive and immediate action.

Storm damage restoration and flood damage restoration have the potential to completely alter your way of life. If your flood restoration services fail to meet the needs of your property, you’re essentially creating more problems for yourself down the road.

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