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Flooded Basement, Asheville, NC

A flooded basement needs immediate attention from our experts.

In the area in and around Asheville, North Carolina, there are many homes that have basements both finished and unfinished. No matter which you have, a flooded basement can cause damages that you will need to attend to immediately. Flooded basements come from various water sources, and it may surprise you to know that professional water damage services break water down into three different categories:

  1. Clean water that comes from rain, leaking pipes and condensation
  2. Grey water, which is slightly dirty and comes from dishwashers, washing machines and clean toilets
  3. Black water, which contains waste and generally comes from sewage and serious flooding from nearby water sources, i.e. creeks or rivers

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Just like there are differences in the water sources, differences also exist for the cost of cleanup for each type of water. Because each one must be cleaned up and disposed of in different ways, clean water damage services generally are less expensive than grey water removal services and black water flood restoration services.

No matter which of these water sources caused your flooded basement, our team of expert professionals here at Warren Restoration is ready, able and equipped to handle the cleanup and restoration process. We know that these damages can be costly and are often more than what many people can pay out of pocket, so we are glad to work with your insurance in these types of cases.

If you find yourself with a flooded basement, even an unfinished one, don’t wait! Contact our team 24/7 at Warren Restoration for our expert assistance and remediation services.

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Trust a company that cares enough to follow up with you even after the work is completed. The Warren family  wants to help you get past your current trouble and help you take preventative measures to guard against falling victim to the tragedy of another fire in the future.

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Josh Diamond