Signs your Roof May Need Replacing

A Dependable Roofing System

Roofing systems are never permanent. If you want to enjoy maximum ease and comfort, you should aim to replace your roofing system at home in intervals of two full decades or so. You shouldn’t ever brush replacement off, either. Failure to address a roofing system that’s past its expiration date may lead to all sorts of headaches for you. It can help to take note of any and all indications that your roof may be due for complete replacement service.


If you’re experiencing frustrating and irritating H20 leaks, then there’s a strong chance that your roofing system is on its last legs. Concentrate on your walls and ceilings. If you observe any hints of water staining, then you may want to look into roof replacement right away. Water staining isn’t a joke. It can lead to serious destruction that relates to paint, furnishings and beyond.

Paint-Related Destruction

Pay close attention to any paint that’s part of your structure. If you notice chipping paint ruining the appearance of your walls, then an old roofing system that’s on the verge of expiring may be the trigger. Destruction that involves paint may be the result of the accumulation of water in inappropriate areas.

Mold Development

Mold is a substance that looks and smells horrible. It can also negatively interfere with indoor air quality and human wellness. That’s the reason you should never dismiss any indications of mold damage that may be present. Look at your walls or ceilings. If you pick up on the development of mold anywhere, then you need to take action. Mold damage can bring on severe consequences.

Missing Granules

If you pick up on missing granules, then that may denote an issue with your roofing system. Call Warren Restoration for more about roof replacement in Asheville NC. We’re a company that has a lot of information that pertains to water damage, mold damage and more. Call our team at any time to learn more about how we can assist you with water damage issues.

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