So You Hired a Water Damage Specialist – What Now?

Hiring a water damage specialist is the most stressful part of repairing water damage. There’s a lot riding on your choice. With the quality of your home repairs on the line, many homeowners pour all their energy into the hiring process and are shocked and annoyed when the work doesn’t stop once they’ve signed a contract. Working with your chosen specialist can also be a stressful process. This is a quick guide to help you through the most common turbulent spots in the repair process once you’ve hired a water damage specialist.

How to ask about progress

If you don’t have a background in water damage repair, you may not know what progress looks like. If you have standing water at your property, a good repair will start with moving that water. Once the machines are set up and you have pumps, dehumidifiers, and fans working, a couple of days are needed to dry your property. You wont see your water damage specialist on the premises during this time. It takes time for water to dry, and them checking in wouldn’t make water evaporate faster. From the homeowner’s perspective, however, the specialist hasn’t done anything for a day!

No need to worry about the progress your water damage specialist makes; frame your concerns as asking for an explanation. Any good specialist will be happy to explain what they’re doing and why. Just be sure that you don’t come off as accusatory right off the bat. It can put a strain on your relationship with your specialist if you make negative assumptions instead of asking for help understanding.

Reassessment risks

Reassessments occur, and it’s not unusual for your specialist to amend the original estimate for your project due to additional issues. The assessment of most damage takes place once work begins. Your specialist isn’t going to know the state of your under-flooring (for example) until they rip up your ruined carpet and take a look. A good specialist will talk to you before beginning any work that you didn’t agree to. Be aware that an estimate is just that.

Insurance claims

Don’t finalize your insurance settlement until the work is finished. Reassessment means you could end up paying out of pocket if you’ve settled too soon. Ask your insurance company if they require documentation of the repair process. If they do, get these requirements to your water damage specialist ASAP so they can be sure to follow them. When you and your specialist are on the same side, insurance is a snap.

What to do when things don’t go as planned

If you’re ever not happy with the work that you’re receiving, you should talk to your water damage specialist right away. Try not to go in looking for a fight. Bring your contract and the written estimate that you received, and approach them in good spirits. Explain the nature of your concerns, point out anything relevant on the contract, and keep an open mind. If you go into it sure that they’re trying to rip you off or are doing a sloppy job for no reason, you don’t resolve the issue.

Hiring a water damage specialist lets the work on your house begin. The difference between a perfectly restored home and one in disarray depends on working along side your water damage specialist. Keeping your cool and asking plenty of questions are great ways to keep the relationship between you and your water damage specialist cordial.

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