Spring Has Sprung In Western North Carolina

Spring has sprung! And with spring brings bright green leaves growing on trees and blooming colorful flowers, Mother’s day celebrations, children swinging on ropes into rivers, men grilling out with their buddies, and women preparing their gardens. What spring also brings is high heat, humidity, and heavy rain storms. Spring can be great but people should always prepare themselves for the worst. A few tips from Warren Restoration to protect your home or business would be to:

  1. Keep gutters clean and free of debris. Especially the drain line and make sure it’s diverted down and away from the building.
  2. Make sure to maintenance you’re heating and cooling system. When using heat it will dry out the p-trap on the condensation pump which in return will cause an odor like sewage in your home or business. Check to make sure if it is dry and then add a small amount of water to it.
  3. Have your water heater inspected. Water heaters life span is usually 6 to 8 years.
  4. Never leave your home with anything that has running water on while you’re gone. Some signs of water damage occurring would be if you start noticing mildew on boxes, puddles forming in front of doorways, wet floors where your water heater, washing machine or dishwasher is located, discoloration in your walls or ceiling and sudden strong odors coming from bathroom.

As soon as you realize these or other watermold, or sewer issues in your home or business call us at Warren Restoration immediately! The longer you wait these small damages can turn into big damages. We are here to save your property!

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