Storm Damage and how to Deal with it

You may live in an area known for storms and are prepared for most eventualities, or you may live in an area that seldom experiences inclement weather, it just takes one freak weather phenomenon to wreak havoc at your home, business or both. Storms are varied and the devastation they leave behind can range from minor to total devastation.

Tornadoes are land based cyclones that can pick up and fling out all sorts of debris in it’s path. The high winds and flying debris can cause a lot of damage to homes and other buildings. Storms can also drop debris on your premises, causing damage to outdoor buildings and furniture as well as your house or business premises. High winds can also cause damage to roofs and un-anchored items in your garden. Strong winds can pick up and fling debris around, which can cause property damage and possibly secondary damage from allowing water to enter the building during thunderstorms. Flooding from tornadoes, hurricanes and flash floods or even long periods of constant rainfall can cause water to enter your buildings through vents such as the ones under your home, cracks in the foundation or even through windows, doors or broken roofs.

You can prepare your home as much as possible with sump pumps, well secured outdoor furniture and equipment, storm windows, secured roofing and more, but you cannot prepare for each and every eventuality. Should the worst happen and your home be damaged due to storms, you need to have an action plan in place to deal with the after effects.

Depending on the severity of the damage to your home and building, you might need to look at various remedial action to take.  Immediate issues may take the form of a tarp to cover the roof, boarding over of broken windows, reducing damage from water, ensuring there is no structural damage or sewerage leaks as a result of the storm damage, avoiding downed power lines, turning off the gas, restoring emergency power where applicable, taking care of vulnerable people and pets.  Some of these concerns would be of more importance than others and the health and welfare of your family should understandably come first.  This is where it can be useful to know of a professional storm damage restoration company.

While you take care of your family and contact your insurance company and perhaps arrange for temporary accommodation, a professional storm damage restoration company can deal with the damage to your home as well as the furnishing and can handle issues such as the water damage, boarding of windows, establishing security if necessary, sewerage clean up and everything else damaged during the storm. In cases of minor damage, you may be able to handle the situation yourself, but generally, to ensure your health and safety and that of your family, it may be prudent to allow a professional to inspect the premises and recommend solutions to restore your home and business after sustaining storm damage.

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