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When Will Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

Restoration companies are often asked whether or not their insurance covers mold damage in their home. The answer typically depends on how the mold or water damage got there in the first place. Read on to learn more about what you can expect if you are dealing with either issue.

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Photo by Anna Holowetzki on Unsplash

Asheville, North Carolina has had tons of issues in the past with flooding. The city is always working on a plan to reduce flood damage when there is a flash flood. But, sometimes there is nothing to prevent flooding in your business’s basement. In this article, you will learn why professionals need to handle commercial basement water extraction in Asheville.


Photo by Anna Holowetzki on Unsplash
Photo by Anna Holowetzki on Unsplash

Reduces Risk of Mold

When your basement floods in Asheville, you need to seek immediate help. If you don’t, then mold can start to contaminate everything, including your merchandise and your building, and it can cause health issues for you and your employees. Mold is not something to mess around with. Black mold can happen at any time after a flood, which is extremely dangerous. People who are around the mold can suffer different symptoms. These symptoms can range anywhere from nasal congestion, wheezing, skin irritations, and eye inflammation, to fevers, shortness of breath, or even fungal infections of the lungs. Leaving everyone in the building susceptible to this is not worth it. Instead, you need commercial basement water extraction.

Cleanup is Done Right

When you get commercial basement water extraction in Asheville, it’s safer for your whole business. Our extractors use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure complete water extraction and complete drying. You can make sure the extractors treat all the structures in the basement. This will ensure removal of all residual moisture. Don’t do a DIY job with unsafe chemicals. The extractors will use approved products, which will leave your basement cleaned, decontaminated, and sanitized. This means you can rest assured that you and your employees will be safe when going back down.

Helps with your Insurance Claim

When you send in a claim for flooding in Asheville, you need to make sure everything is as it should be. When that happens, you will need commercial basement water extraction and complete documentation of the damage. A professional company will ensure to store all important notes, photos, and documents, and give you full access so you can track the status of your claim anytime, from any location. They can also work with your provider to make sure you receive the most insurance benefits that you can get.
It can be scary to live somewhere that deals with flash floods like Asheville. Remember that getting commercial basement water extraction prevents mold, ensures cleaning is done the right way, and helps with your insurance claim. This is why professionals need to handle commercial basement water extractions in Asheville. Since it happens more times than not in Asheville, professionals in that area know exactly what to do. Don’t leave your business susceptible to extra damages than it has already sustained. Seek professional help now.





photo by guoyakun- https://pixabay.com/en/users/guoyakun-1242522/
photo by guoyakun- https://pixabay.com/en/users/guoyakun-1242522/

If your basement floods, there are some key factors you need to consider before entering and beginning the process of correcting the problem. If you are unsure of any of the factors it is often best to call in a professional so that you and your family stay safe.

Make sure power and gas to the area are shut off. If it is safe to get to the main breaker switch, switch the power off at the source. Do not go into the basement if you suspect the water might have risen to the level of your heaters, power outlets, furnace or electrical panels. Water can conduct electricity well enough to give you a nasty shock. If you suspect any gas leak, it is safest to evacuate the premises. If you are able to locate and turn off the leak, open all doors and windows to release the gas. Do not smoke or use anything that can cause a spark. Don’t use any electrical outlets.

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photo by axonite- https://pixabay.com/en/users/axonite-5531574/

Basement flooding occurs without warning and can result in a small pool of water in one corner of the basement or water that is inches deep covering the entire floor. And the damage sustained from water in your basement can range from minor dampness to full destruction of carpeting, carpet pads, furniture, boxes and belongings, electronics, etc. The causes of basement flooding are many: overflowing streams and rivers during heavy storms, a burst frozen pipe, a storm drain blockage forcing water along a path of least resistance, a faulty appliance, a broken sump pump, or even water left over from putting out a fire.

If you find yourself with a flooded basement, regardless of how the flooding occurred, proper cleanout and drying is essential. If you don’t fully dry, decontaminate, and sanitize the water-damaged area, you may risk further damage to the structure itself—from a weakened foundation to damaged dry wall, and the possibility of an infestation from mold becomes very real. By following the below steps, you will be on your way to safely and effectively cleaning up the mess.

  1. Above all, the first step homeowners should take is to care for their health and safety and that of their family and pets. Always protect yourself by putting on protective clothing and gear: gloves, boots, a face mask, even goggles. Whatever is floating around in the water is not always readily apparent or visible.
  2. Before going down into a flooded basement, ensure all sources of electricity to the basement are disconnected. Never risk electrocution or fire. If you are uncertain how to do this, get help.
  3. The reason for the flooding may not be immediately apparent. Locate the source and take steps to stop any more water from entering or flooding the area. For example, unblock drains or shut off water valves.
  4. Let Mother Nature help. If the weather is clear and dry, open doors and windows to promote full air circulation and ventilation, and allow the sun to work its drying and sanitizing powers.
  5. Remove the water. Take whatever steps you can (see #3) to get water moving out of the basement and away from your house to an area of open and proper drainage. You may need to rent a wet vac or buy a water pump to get this job done. But, if the water is deep or contains potentially toxic substances or contaminants, contact a water-removal professional to come and safely extract the water. Professionals have the proper training and certification to handle all types of water cleanup problems.
  6. Once the water is extracted, place fans and let breezes flow through the area to promote drying. Use a dehumidifier to remove as much of the excess moisture from the air as possible.
  7. Remove wet or damaged items, including carpeting, rugs, and furniture. Toss whatever cannot be salvaged, including drywall that has soaked up water, and set aside belongings that can be saved with cleaning and disinfecting. If you know the water contains biohazards and contaminants, the bulk of your belongings may have to be thrown out.
  8. Continue the drying out process of the entire area. Pay close attention to flooring materials, walls, ceilings, cracks, and crevices, as these are all subject to mold growth. Clean these areas thoroughly and treat appropriately to avoid mold and mildew and to also sanitize.

If your basement floods, you should consider that an emergency that requires immediate action. Standing water in your basement jeopardizes the health and safety of you and your family, as the structural integrity of your home is at risk. Most homeowners who experience basement flooding rely on a professional water damage company. These pros have the training and equipment to get the job done right, and they do it in as little time as possible so that the homeowner can get their life back to normal.

Warren Restoration provides professional water damage and restoration services. The Warren team can even provide structural renovations if you need to replace floors, walls, etc. Each of their two family-owned and operated businesses (Hendersonville, NC, and Big Stone Gap, VA) serve an approximate 2-hour radius, and are available 24/7 to handle all your basement flooding cleanup and restoration needs. Call Warren Cleaning and Restoration at the first sign of basement flooding.

Water and flood damage often causes mold growth. Feeling desperate? Don’t be because we also offer professional mold removal service, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.