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You would be surprised at how the many pollutants found in your home can be the root of your allergic reaction. It isn’t just outdoor irritants, such as pollen, that can cause allergies. Your home often contains a concentrated amount of particles that can cause an allergic reaction to occur.

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When Will Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

Restoration companies are often asked whether or not their insurance covers mold damage in their home. The answer typically depends on how the mold or water damage got there in the first place. Read on to learn more about what you can expect if you are dealing with either issue.

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Strong Roof Ventilation Practices

Roof Ventilation and Keeping Frustrating Damage at Bay

Installing a roofing system correctly is imperative. Failure to do so can lead to a lot of major problems. If you’re going to be installing a roof any time soon, then you need to take strong ventilation practices into consideration. Inadequate roof ventilation can wreak havoc onto systems in many diverse ways. If you want to steer clear of all kinds of issues, then you need to go the extra mile to see to it that your roofing system’s ventilation approach makes total sense. It’s imperative to grasp that ventilation issues can trigger all sorts of issues that can be a hassle to manage.

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U.S. homeowners in heavily wooded regions are especially at risk if and when a wildfire starts. If you live in one of these areas, it’s crucial that you know how to prepare for possible wildfires and how to keep your home and your family safe if a fire starts. To help you out, here are some safety tips split into two categories: preparation for and survival during a wildfire.

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Photo by Anna Holowetzki on Unsplash

Asheville, North Carolina has had tons of issues in the past with flooding. The city is always working on a plan to reduce flood damage when there is a flash flood. But, sometimes there is nothing to prevent flooding in your business’s basement. In this article, you will learn why professionals need to handle commercial basement water extraction in Asheville.


Photo by Anna Holowetzki on Unsplash
Photo by Anna Holowetzki on Unsplash

Reduces Risk of Mold

When your basement floods in Asheville, you need to seek immediate help. If you don’t, then mold can start to contaminate everything, including your merchandise and your building, and it can cause health issues for you and your employees. Mold is not something to mess around with. Black mold can happen at any time after a flood, which is extremely dangerous. People who are around the mold can suffer different symptoms. These symptoms can range anywhere from nasal congestion, wheezing, skin irritations, and eye inflammation, to fevers, shortness of breath, or even fungal infections of the lungs. Leaving everyone in the building susceptible to this is not worth it. Instead, you need commercial basement water extraction.

Cleanup is Done Right

When you get commercial basement water extraction in Asheville, it’s safer for your whole business. Our extractors use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure complete water extraction and complete drying. You can make sure the extractors treat all the structures in the basement. This will ensure removal of all residual moisture. Don’t do a DIY job with unsafe chemicals. The extractors will use approved products, which will leave your basement cleaned, decontaminated, and sanitized. This means you can rest assured that you and your employees will be safe when going back down.

Helps with your Insurance Claim

When you send in a claim for flooding in Asheville, you need to make sure everything is as it should be. When that happens, you will need commercial basement water extraction and complete documentation of the damage. A professional company will ensure to store all important notes, photos, and documents, and give you full access so you can track the status of your claim anytime, from any location. They can also work with your provider to make sure you receive the most insurance benefits that you can get.
It can be scary to live somewhere that deals with flash floods like Asheville. Remember that getting commercial basement water extraction prevents mold, ensures cleaning is done the right way, and helps with your insurance claim. This is why professionals need to handle commercial basement water extractions in Asheville. Since it happens more times than not in Asheville, professionals in that area know exactly what to do. Don’t leave your business susceptible to extra damages than it has already sustained. Seek professional help now.





Property managers are responsible for keeping multiple units and often several properties safe. Property management tips that focus on preventing water damage distill a wide topic into actionable information. Working ahead of time to educate tenants on water damage, keeping track of average water consumption for your units, and working to schedule appliance maintenance greatly reduces the risk of water damage on your properties. Follow these property management tips to cut the risk of water damage on your rental properties going forward.

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Tenant education on leaks protocol cuts risk of extensive damage

Your tenants are your first responders in a water damage emergency. Don’t assume that they know what to do in the event of a water-related crisis. Many property managers are hesitant to discuss potential water damage scenarios because they don’t want to undermine a tenant’s confidence in the quality of their unit. A good solution to this problem is to include this information as part of your walk through. Water damage is the same as any other emergency that you educate your tenants about. Even if you don’t expect fires or short circuits, you still educate your tenants about the fuse box, sprinkler, and smoke alarm systems. It’s important to show your tenants how to turn off their water on a standalone property. Additionally, giving them the number to call for help with an urgent leak educates them without raising alarm.

Monitoring water usage cuts the risk of unnoticed leaks

Unnoticed leaks can wreak havoc on your property, but are easy to spot on a utility bill. Whether you pay the utilities on your rental units, or your tenants pay the utilities through you, you should always be able to gauge the average usage. Some property managers feel they have too much on their plate to go over every utility bill with a fine-tooth comb. In the short term, other issues can seem more pressing. In the long term, knowing the average amount of water used on your properties can help you spot a leak as soon as possible. A property manager can lower the risk of extensive water damage by paying attention to jumps in water usage.

Some property management tips for scheduling appliance maintenance

Regular appliance maintenance lowers the risk that an appliance will break and leak or flood your unit. However, scheduling appliance maintenance can be a struggle. Tenants don’t want intrusions, and are often reluctant to agree to maintenance. These property management tips help scheduling and performing appliance maintenance go smoothly.

First, don’t schedule maintenance during the holiday season. If your tenants aren’t already stressed, they either have plans to travel or have guests over. Neither is a situation that’s improved by the presence of a repairman. Secondly, give your tenants more warning than you legally have to. Thirty days’ notice, with follow-ups at intervals, allows tenants time to get their units ready for the technician. Finally, be as specific as you can in your notices. It’s difficult to estimate when a repairman will arrive at a specific unit, but attempt to be more specific than blocking out three days for your tenants to wait around. It’s better to be too specific and have to send out an updated schedule if something comes up.

Property management tips that focus on preventing water damage instead of fixing it save a lot of money down the line. A proactive property manager works to keep tenants happy while maintaining high levels of appliance maintenance. Attention to water usage and tenant education in emergency leak scenarios reduces the chance that water damage will go unaddressed. These tips, once implemented, will lower the odds of water damage to your rental property.