The Potential Health Risks of Exposure to Dirty Carpets

If you have carpets placed around your home or in your office, you must be aware of how important it is for the carpets to look clean and tidy. However, in addition to looking good, clean carpets do more than provide aesthetic beauty – they actually help you avoid some very serious health risks. Dirty, uncleaned carpets can become a breeding ground for some very dangerous mold and insects, along with tracking in dust and dirt, which can prove to cause a lot of harm to your family members or employees.

Heath risks because of molds and dust:

Carpets that aren’t cleaned regularly can become a serious health risks for the homeowners. The dirty carpets can become the best living conditions for pests like molds, along with small insets and other organisms. The longer these stay and grow inside the carpet, the more the damages they cause to the carpets or to the people that surround it. Over time, these can become a permanent and problem and can actually start to disperse in the air which can have serious implications for all the people that are exposed to them.

Respiratory problems that can be caused:

In addition to the growth and ugly appearances, the carpet can have serious harmful effects on the people around it, and can trigger serious problems. For these people who are sensitive to it, the dust may induce coughing and runny noses, along with trouble breathing. For some people, this may even trigger an asthma attack or an allergic reaction. The more that someone is exposed to these conditions, the more the problem grows. This is why is it’s best to call up the carpet cleaner whenever you notice a problem like this, so it can be dealt with quickly.

Health risks because of trapped allergens:

Carpets can be very bad for anyone who is dealing with allergic reactions. The carpets can result in very strong allergic reactions that can cause serious harm to the individual in question. This may be due to things that are stuck in the carpet, such as dust and hair, especially pet fur and molds. These grow and become a part of the carpet, but whenever the carpet is disturbed – an example would be of someone walking on it, the dust and dirt is agitated and spread in the air. This can now be inhaled by anyone close enough.

Possible mite infestations:

Another nightmarish scenario that can come about because of dirty carpets is a serious mites attack. The problem is that mites can be very hard to see and can grow like crazy inside the carpet without you even knowing about it. The thing is that mites themselves don’t particularly harm people, it’s just their waste material that can cause problems. If the waste is inhaled, it can trigger allergies and allergy-like symptoms such as sneezing and coughing.

The best option for you when it comes to the carpet is to call up the professionals. They will help you avoid these risks and keep your carpet clean and tidy.

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