The Truth about Mold and How You Can Remove It

Mold can be a nightmare for anyone ranging from the person who has it in their home, to the people who are actually involved in its removal. However, as with anything else, mold removal is a process plagued with a great deal of misinformation. But before you can sort out what is true and what is not, you need to understand what mold is and how it can be effectively dealt with and removed.


Mold is a group of tiny organisms that can help decompose organic matter such as wood and plant matter by secreting fluids that digest them. It helps break down these materials to allow for new growth. However, although this practice is good for the great outdoors, it can become a problem inside homes. Mold can also grow on synthetic materials, even if it doesn’t get any nutrition from them, which is a huge problem for homeowners.

How molds can grow inside your home:

Molds can grow on both organic and synthetic surfaces, and it can definitely grow inside the home. This is because most homes are moist, have a good supply of oxygen and water, and have sources where the mold can get nutrients. If the mold finds these in its environment, it can settle down and start growing, and can quickly spread around the home.

However, usually, mold growth and development is often associated with water damages inside the home. This means that there is some part of the home where water is either leaking or there is flooding happening. This can even be as a result of bad weather, if the water finds its way inside it can help promote mold growth.

How molds can be dangerous:

We, as humans, are exposed to molds in small amounts every single day. Usually, at such low levels, the mold has negligible effect on our health. However, if there is mold growing in your home, you are no longer exposed to low levels, but are constantly exposed to a lot of mold particles and pores. These can cause varying reactions in the people around them, such as headaches, rashes, coughs, and in some cases respiratory and neurological issues.

Removal of mold from your property:

If you have even a suspicion of mold growing inside your home, you need to take action at once. Do not ignore the mold no matter what. Not only does the mold growth make your home look bad, it also causes extreme health problems as exposure increases. The very first thing you need to do, is to deal with the water damages that are helping to promote the growth of the mold.

Next, you will need to contact professionals to help you remove and deal with the mold with the right tools and techniques. This is essential as if the mold isn’t removed properly, it can come back and it can pose a severe health risk for you or your family.

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