Top Indicators Your Asheville Home Needs Mold Removal

Mold is a serious issue that can ruin your home and health if you aren’t careful. You must watch for hints that your home may have mold that you need to remove. Because it can get reasonably humid in Asheville, North Carolina, it’s even more important to be aware of the possibility of mold in your home. mold removal asheville nc

Discolored Surfaces

Visual indications are the easiest way to identify if your Asheville home needs mold removal. Mold can appear in fuzzy patches, a film, or even a ring of strange color. Molds also aren’t limited to only a few colors. When people think of mold, they often think of fuzzy green, blue, or black spots, but mold can also appear in the form of pink, gray, orange, yellow, white, red, or various shades of brown. Remember that mold can appear on your couches, carpets, tables, walls, or almost anywhere else in your home. You shouldn’t wave a suspicious sign of mold off because it’s in an area where you think mold can grow. It’s best to be safe.


Sometimes, mold cannot be identified by looks alone or at all. Hidden mold does exist, as many areas of your home are unseen but can trap moisture easily. An excellent way to identify hidden mold is through scent. Molds sometimes have a specific smell but can also smell musty, like mildew, or simply wet. You could need mold removal if you notice weird smells in your Asheville home, especially recurring ones.

Allergies and Asthma

Mold is often associated with respiratory issues. Mold releases spores that float through the air and cause irritation in your airways. This could cause allergies or asthma to worsen or even make people experience cold-like symptoms such as sneezing and fatigue. Any respiratory issue is very serious, especially when it comes to asthma, which can be a severe threat to one’s life if you or anyone in your home is experiencing these issues without explanation. If it worsens significantly in your house, consider getting your Asheville home inspected for mold by an expert.

Condensation or Flooding

Moisture, especially excess moisture, can easily cause mold. Suppose your home is exposed to constant condensation and humidity or has recently been a victim of flooding. In that case, it’s a possibility you have a mold problem in your Asheville home. If your house is exposed to one or more of these things on a regular basis, you might want to consider regular mold inspections. This will allow you to stay safe and let your Asheville home avoid damage from mold.

Humidity can easily cause mold and often does, but just because your Asheville home is likely to grow mold doesn’t mean you should accept it. Be aware of signs your home might be a victim of mold growth, and don’t hesitate to contact the mold removal experts at Warren Restoration if you notice something is off with your home. We will be able to confirm whether the mold is or isn’t there and help you figure out what to do if there is mold you need to take care of.

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