What to Do after a Storm Damages Your Home

A storm can cause massive damages to your property in the blink of an eye. It can be overwhelming to the victims of the disaster in the first few days when figuring out how to get their lives back together. If you are aware of what to expect or do after experiencing a storm, then you will be prepared to restore things to how they were before the incident occurred as soon as possible. Below are some tips on what to do after the storm:

Safety first

A storm can pose serious dangers irrespective of which form it occurs. Some of the things that can pose serious risks include live power lines and mold. It is always recommendable for individuals to leave their houses after water damage until they can evaluate all damages that may have occurred. For example, you can go to nearby emergency centers or hotels. Never risk your life while trying to collect your possessions. Hire an expert to examine the safety of your home before moving in. In some cases, your insurance company will send a representative to do the work.

Always evaluate damage after a storm

It is usual for homeowners’ to evaluate the water damage that occurs after a storm. However, you should be alert for hazards such as broken glasses or exposed nails. You can call the police or the power provider to take care of the downed power lines. A storm can cause gas leakages in your home. Therefore, avoid using open frames as they can lead to explosions. It is recommendable to use gadgets such as flashlights if you need some light to inspect the property. Stay away from the house as soon as you suspect a gas leakage and contact the relevant authorities to take care of the situation to ensure the safety of your family.

Other safety measures after the storm damage include:

  • Listen to the radio for advisories concerning the situation.
  • Stay indoors until relevant authorities declare it safe to move outside.
  • Do not reside in damaged houses until after being repaired and water removal.
  • Avoid swimming in flood water.
  • Watch out for damaged roads and bridges when driving.
  • Have a fire extinguisher in case of any fire.
  • Take precautionary measures when climbing ladders to repair damaged roofs.

Seek federal assistance

The government has a body known as the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It is responsible for helping victims of storm damage. For example, they provide temporary housing solutions for affected individuals, repairing their homes, assistance when filing insurance claims, and providing relief food. You can get the help you need by visiting the nearby branch. In some cases, the government agency can send some representative to the affected areas. You can also find FEMA’s temporary office in your area.

Document the damages

It is a requirement by insurance companies. Note all the damages that have occurred after the storm as soon as you can. It is an essential step as some insurance policies have exclusions during compensation. One of the best ways to document damages is taking photos. Take note of things such as mold and exposed power lines in your property. Insurance experts recommend people to take photos of their houses before the storm hits.

Contact your insurance firm

One of the obligations of a homeowners’ policyholder is to report any incident as soon as it occurs. The company will send a claims expert to assess the damage. Inform the company representative about the storm damage repair that needs to be done. Depending on your firm, the compensation may take place months after the incident. But most companies will pay for the damages as soon as you pay your deductible as outlined in the policy document. Flooding is an exclusion in most homeowner’s insurance policies. You should inquire about the provision from your firm. Consult your service provider before contacting private contractors to repair the damages in your house. Contacting the insurance company can be through calling, emailing, or writing letters.

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