When Will Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

When Will Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

Restoration companies are often asked whether or not their insurance covers mold damage in their home. The answer typically depends on how the mold or water damage got there in the first place. Read on to learn more about what you can expect if you are dealing with either issue.

Mold and Water Problems- Will They Be Covered?

Most homeowner insurance policies will not cover damage from mold or water if it resulted from something preventable, such as a water leak that wasn’t taken care of or flooding that occurred from leaving a faucet on by mistake. A home insurance company will usually not pay for maintenance problems that they believe could have been prevented. They expect homeowners to take care of issues proactively. However, a policy will cover damage from mold if they consider it a “covered peril.” If this is the case, the company will usually pay to repair the damage and clean-up afterward.

What Are Considered Covered Perils?

While every home insurance policy is different, you can use this list to learn what is typically covered for most policies:

  • Lightning
  • Theft
  • Falling objects
  • Fire
  • Vehicular damage
  • The weight of snow, ice, or sleet
  • Vandalism
  • Frozen pipes
  • Accidental overflow or discharge of steam or water from air conditioners, furnaces, pipes, household appliance, and sprinklers

One “real life” example is if a pipe bursts in your house while you are at work. Your drywall is completely saturated and mold begins to form before you can even make a phone call. Your insurance company will likely cover any mold damage or water issues in this scenario, as long as you call as soon as possible to file a claim.

What Scenarios Won’t be Covered?

Unfortunately, many insurance policies do not cover certain issues. You may need to call a reputable restoration company to come clean-up and repair the damage. Here are a few examples where your insurance may NOT cover the damage:

  • You have old and broken shingles on your roof that have been there for decades. Water has been seeping into your home for years and mold is growing.
  • The pipes in your garage froze and burst, but you didn’t notice the damage for weeks. Mold is now growing in different spots on the floor.
  • You’ve noticed mold growing slowly in your shower for years. However, you didn’t do anything about it for years until one day you start to worry that it is making you sick.

The reason why most companies will not cover these examples is that they expect you to maintain your home. That means replacing shingles on your roof, checking your garage regularly for damage, and putting a working vent in your bathroom. It is always important to keep up with regular home maintenance.

It is also important to remember that most insurance policies do not cover water damage that happens because of a flood. If you are in an area that is prone to flooding, make sure that you purchase a separate flood insurance policy. If you don’t have it, you will likely have to deal with any mold or water damage out of pocket.

Additional Information Concerning Water and Mold Issues

Always check with your insurance company to see just what will and won’t be covered if you are concerned about damage due to water and mold. If you don’t have any coverage with your current policy, you may be able to purchase extra coverage for an additional fee. Some policies may only cover certain services related to the damages, such as clean-up.

If you need a restoration company in Hendersonville NC, call Warren Restoration today. We are ready and able to help with all of your restoration needs, from water, mold, fire, and smoke damage.

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