Why Are Frozen Pipes Dangerous?

Video Transcription

Jeremy: Hey, guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn, and I’ve got Pete with me, and we’re at Warren Restoration. How are you doing, Pete?

Pete: Doing good.

Jeremy: Now, today we’re talking about frozen pipes and emergencies and what happens if you’re experiencing that kind of situation. Let’s just say that I’ve got frozen pipes and there’s some kind of emergency. What kind of accident or emergency usually does that entail?

Pete: Well, typically what happens is the pipe freezes and it expands, and then it can break either in a wall or a crawl space, usually, and you’ll end up with the water running and filling that space with several inches of water, and then you’ll be calling us in to extract the water and get it dried up for you.

Jeremy: And what’s involved with that whole process?

Pete: Well, we come out with our extraction trailer and extract all the water, tear out any materials that can’t be dried or saved, sort through contents. And once that’s done, we get dehumidifiers and air movers set up to dry the structure, which typically takes about three to five days, and then you’re ready for reconstruction.

Jeremy: Definitely. And then how does that whole process, that reconstruction process … Do they go with you or they can choose, or what’s involved with that?

Pete: That depends on the customer. They can choose us. We’re a full-service restoration company. Or if they have their own contractor that they want to use, they can do that, also. We always recommend people to get multiple estimates and choose from there. And then we go to the rebuild process, and hopefully we get the rebuild job, and we’ll make it look like nothing ever happened.

Jeremy: And then do you guys handle the insurance part of it, as well?

Pete: We absolutely do. We bill directly to the insurance company. We use Xactimate software, which is the leading software for most insurance companies out there, and typically, if it’s covered by insurance, the customer would just be responsible for their deductible amount.

Jeremy: Thanks for your time.

Pete:  Absolutely. Thank you.

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