Why Customer Service Makes or Breaks Restoration Companies

There are a lot of factors that go into a restoration company’s success. A company can’t succeed without good workers and the equipment to get the job done. The company has to be good at estimating costs and keeping a time commitment to projects. However, good restoration companies with the right tools still fail if they can’t deliver excellent customer service. Clients won’t be at their best when they call; communication is key to managing expectations. Caring, clear customer service dedicated to the best possible outcome is the only way to get ahead.

Clients Won’t be at Their Best When They Call

The vast majority of a restoration company’s clients are going to be in crisis when they call you. They just came back from vacation and found that a pipe burst while they were gone. A storm took out half their roof and rained on family heirlooms. A property manager just found out that their renter has been smoking inside the house and the smell is everywhere. This is not a good day for them. They never planned on talking to you, and now that they are, they don’t particularly enjoy it. It’s harsh, but true.

Good customer service will turn their panic into confidence. It responds to their emotions without getting emotional in return. It takes a negative situation and offers hope: there is a way out, and it’s your services. If your customer service can’t make clients feel confident, you’re going to have trouble getting good reviews.

Managing Expectations is Key

The true cause of disappointment in the world is unmet expectations. Great customer service involves good communication. It makes sure the client knows that the estimates you offered were realistic, but not absolute. It’s common sense that if you uncover more damage, your restoration will take longer, but some clients don’t know. They might think that your estimate is a worst case scenario or any number of honest to wishful-thinking related misunderstandings. Master customer service and clear communication and you’ll save yourself (and your clients) a lot of headaches.

Better Service Means a Smooth Insurance Experience

You may be great at cleaning up water damage, but if you’re not good at providing documentation to insurance companies you’re going to go out of work fast. No client wants a bad insurance experience. You’re not able to control what the insurance company does, but a prompt response to any requests for documentation is the bare minimum. Remember, the sooner the claim is settled, the happier your client will be.

Clients are vulnerable when they call restoration companies. They’re fighting something terrible that’s happened to them. It takes excellent customer service to assure them of your skills and get them to fully understand your estimates. Manage their expectations to keep everyone on the same page. Most of all, respond promptly to all requests for documentation. Providing responsive, clear, and confident customer service will keep your clients happy and your business running smoothly.

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