Why Decontamination After Water Damage Is Key

Spring and summer months can bring a lot of water damage to the southeastern United States. As the weather warms up, all kinds of storms roll in, bringing floods, leaks, and other types of damage. Not just this, but other types of water damage can show up at any time of year. If you’ve experienced one of these events in your home, you should know that decontamination after water damage is absolutely vital to your health and safety.

Floodwater Carries Harmful Substances

If your home has flooded because of a storm, that floodwater has probably traveled a long way to get to your house. You have no way of knowing what this water has swept into your home. For instance, it most likely contains harmful bacteria that could make your family sick if not removed. The floodwater could even contain sewage, dirt and other debris. Typically, floodwaters are a host for all sorts of illness-causing substances. Even if the water looks absolutely clear, it could still be unsafe. Without proper decontamination after water damage, the dangerous matter will remain.

Water Damage After a House Fire

Water damage doesn’t always occur from floodwaters. Unfortunately, the water used to save your home from a fire often causes more damage. For example, as the water extinguishes the flames, it also mixes with smoke and ash. If you neglect to decontaminate your home after this type of water damage, you could end up breathing in harmful materials. Decontamination removes any toxins that might have mixed with the smoke, ash, and water. This is vital to protecting you and your family.d

Mold Can Remain Hidden and Get Worse Over Time

Mold may be the most dangerous health hazard caused by water damage. Part of the danger comes from the fact that it’s so difficult to get rid of mold once it’s entered your house. Some mold is easy to notice and clean, but some mold stays out of your sight. After water damage, mold can grow behind your walls. It can even hide under the roof of your house. Over time, the problem will only get worse, and it’s a health hazard whether or not you have a mold allergy.

Why Call A Professional

A large amount of water is virtually impossible to contain. If your home has visible water damage, it more than likely has damage in places that you cannot see. Water can sneak underneath carpets, seep under walls, and slip through all sorts of cracks. An untrained person will only be able to decontaminate a fraction of the water damage. However, a professional will know exactly where to check for contaminants that can harm you. A professional service will also come equipped with all the necessary tools for cleanup. If your house needs decontamination after water damage, get in touch with Warren Cleaning and Restoration today. You can contact them through their homepage or call them at 1-(828)-595-4776.

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