Why Home Cleaning Protects Your Pet’s Health

You want to take care of your entire family, and that includes your pets. You take your dog to the vet just as regularly as you take your child to the pediatrician. You feed your cat with the best possible food brand for her health. Did you know that when you keep your home clean, you’re taking care of pet health too?

Animals Have Allergies, Too

It’s true. Your pets can suffer from seasonal allergies just as much as the rest of your family. Most people don’t think about pet health when they think about how to deal with allergy season, but pets experience symptoms much like humans do. You may notice your pet sneezing more often as soon as the ragweed comes out in the fall. Or maybe his skin reacts poorly to pollen in the spring. It’s not just seasonal allergies, either. Animals can also develop year-long allergies to substances like grass or types of trees. Allergens can make their way into your home. When you keep your home clean, you provide allergy relief.

Pet Health Protection

Home cleaning also protects your pets from different types of diseases. Mold and other contaminants can be just as bad for pet health as they are for the rest of the family’s health. A regular deep cleaning every once in a while keeps your home disease-free and in top shape for every family member.

Heightened Sense of Smell

This one is especially applicable to those of you who have a dog in the house. Your pet’s sense of smell is several times more powerful than yours. Your dog can smell everything that the family tracks into the house. Think of all of the places that you and your family visit during the day, and imagine carrying the smells from each place back home with you. Keeping your home clean will clear unfamiliar and overwhelming scents away from your pet’s sensitive nose.

It’s also important to keep your pet’s sense of smell in mind when you choose your cleaning products. If you’re not a fan of harsh chemical smells wafting through the house, imagine how your dog feels. When you buy products or hire a cleaning company, be sure to stick with pet-friendly options.

Warren Restoration

Warren Restoration takes family very seriously, and that includes pets. That is why we’re just as committed to pet health as you are. We keep homes clean so that pets can enjoy a healthy, animal-friendly environment. Contact Warren Restoration today at 1-828-595-4776. You and your pets will be glad you did.

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