Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Lengthens the Life of Your Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet. You can enjoy softer fibers, brighter colors, and a carpet that resembles the day you bought it for longer. There are three main reasons professional carpet cleaning gets better results than at-home vacuums. First, it cleans deeper. Secondly, it cleans better. Lastly, it keeps your carpet lush.

Clean down to the pile

Most at-home vacuums don’t have enough suction to get at the deep dirt. Running your vacuum over the carpet every week or two will suck up the dirt that’s trapped on the surface of the carpet. Your carpet looks cleaner, and you’re pleased with the results. Vacuuming your carpet is a bit like wiping your face with water. While it cleans dirt and oils from the surface, if you really want your face to be clean you have to go deeper. Similar to a face wash that address the pores of your face, professional carpet cleaning addresses the “pores” of your carpet, called piles.

Piles are the base of your carpets. There’s also the woven base that your carpet sticks out of. Dirt that settles on your carpet can get ground down into the fibers and settle near the piles. It takes extreme suction to get this dirt up. As long as it stays down there it works to cut into your carpet fibers. Ground-in dirt slices through your carpet fibers, ruining the softness you enjoyed when it was new and clean. Pile-deep dirt is also what creates a uniform discoloration of your carpet.

Get out stains and more

Stains look sloppy no matter what. That place your friend dropped her wine glass? The ground in, deep dirt near the doorways? Whether it’s wine, tomato sauce, mud, or anything else, stains make it look like you don’t care about your home. This is unfair, since many people simply cannot get stains out without professional help. Do what you can for your carpet, but call in professionals as soon as you can for deep, difficult stains. Stains can make the rest of your efforts seem wasted. It can be tempting to replace the carpet rather than look at stains all day. You don’t want to have to invest in throw runs for the whole house rather than look at a stain!

Don’t crush your carpet

Home vacuums can actually crush your carpet fibers. You want each strand to be long and luxurious, but pressing a home vacuum to the carpet can crush it. Professional carpet cleaning uses vacuums with a higher space between the bottom of the vacuum and the carpet. Pair that with more powerful suction (so there’s no need to force the nozzle to the pile) and you get a better clean and a fluffier carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning will get out the stains that haunt your carpet. Easier handling means your carpet stays full and soft for longer. Put together these three benefits and you have a carpet cleaning method that keeps your carpet young and useful for longer.

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