Why You Can’t Beat Professional Carpet Cleaning at Home

Professional carpet cleaning can be truly transformative. A professional carpet cleaning service can bring a worn and dirty carpet back to nearly-new condition. Why can’t you do the same? If you’re frustrated with your lack of success cleaning your carpets yourself, it’s not your fault. There are reasons that professional carpet cleaning just looks better.

Professionals Know How to Work

Professional carpet cleaning teams hone their craft. Just like you’re better at your job than someone who would try to do it once a week, professional carpet cleaners are going to be better than you. They know the tricks of the trade. They understand how the weave of your carpet affects your cleaning. They know how to clean behind that one spot that your vacuum can never seem to reach. Knowing the tricks of the trade is one way that they have better results, but it’s not the only thing that they have going for them.

Different Suction Vacuums

Professionals can bring in professional equipment. Professional strength vacuums are actually built differently; they have stronger suction but also a different rolling design. A typical vacuum presses down on the carpet as it rolls across, preventing the suction from reaching deep down to the base of your carpet fibers. Professional vacuums reach deeper. They can also use steam or other additions to get your carpet sparkling clean. Remember how it looked when you moved in? It can be that way again! In fact, the way a professional vacuuming lifts and straightens your carpet fibers can increase the life expectancy of your carpet! Cleaning your carpet twice a year (professionally, you still should clean it the rest of the time) can be enough to get these benefits.

Fight Odor on a Molecular Level

The look and feel of your carpet is part of keeping it beautiful. The other aspect is the fresh scent that goes with it. Carpets can trap odors so deeply that you don’t even know they’re there. We get desensitized to odor over time. The people we invite into our homes? Not so much. Professional carpet cleaners use deionization technology to break down scents that have infiltrated your carpet. No more bad smells, and a fresh, clean new smell in the air when you get home.

If you can’t get your carpet “professionally cleaned fresh” on your own, don’t stress about it! You’re not a dirty person and you don’t have a problem keeping your home clean. The combination of professional experience and amazing, high-tech tools can’t be beaten. Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t have to break the bank or be done every week; schedule your cleanings for twice a year, and you’ll be able to use your lower-tech options to keep it acceptably clean between professional visits.

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