Your North Carolina Business is Flooded: What Do You Do?

Flooded business in North Carolina


North Carolina is a coastal state, so not only do local businesses experience flooding issues from accidents and plumbing problems, but they can also be exposed to the wrath of Atlantic hurricanes. Once your business floods, what are the steps you need to take to return your business to its original state?

  1. Contact Warren Restoration via our online contact form or by calling 1-877-735-0146. We are ready 24/7/365 to respond to your flooding emergencies. Our average response time is 30 minutes. Help is on the way!
  2. Get an official inspection by our qualified professionals. Work with Warren Restoration to develop a restoration strategy to get your business up and operating. Acquire a quote from the restoration company estimating the total cost of the recovery operations.
  3. File an insurance claim with your agent. We work alongside you and your insurance provider to photograph and document the damage. Then we’ll provide you with a detailed quote for the restoration cost.
  4. Let the cleanup begin! Let your restoration contractor begin by extracting all of the water from the damaged location. Then, the contractor will bring in industrial blowers to dry the scene.
  5. Sort through all of the fixtures, furnishings, supplies, and remaining property to separate the items to be discarded from the items to be cleaned and/or repaired. Then, allow us to dispose of unsalvageable objects and restore pieces you wish to keep to make them look new again.
  6. Allow us to clean your business from ceiling to floor, including cleaning of your carpet and other flooring. The cleaning process ends with a complete sanitizing and deodorizing.
  7. Enlist us to repair any structural damage to your building. We will handle the entire process from start to finish for you so that you aren’t juggling the supervision of multiple subcontractors.


When restoration is complete, testing should be done to ensure that moisture levels are normal and that there’s no mold or mildew. If abnormalities are found, Warren Restoration will work with you to remove the moisture, mold, and mildew to prevent further property damage and illness.

All of these services come with a customer satisfaction guarantee. You can rest assured that when you reopen the doors of your business, customers will never know that flooding occurred.

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